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  • Sale! COFEST 9507

    COFEST 9507 Car & Room Freshener


    Use COFEST 9507 in small and large cars, heavy goods vehicles, passenger cars (hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs), etc. If your room smells unpleasant, spray it close the door for an hour, and come back to an odorless and pleasant room. Shake well and use it on the top or side parts of your interior seats, dashboard, trunk lead room area, etc.

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  • Sale! Decompexo 0711

    DECOMPEXO 0711 Dead Body Decomposer (Powder Formulation)


    We Produce DECOMPEXO 0711 to address these problems. Available in 2 to 25 kg packages this product effectively stimulates the putrefaction process.

    This Product prevents the cremation spots from getting dug by scavengers.

    Kills all kinds of clostridium bacteria like S. aureus, p aeruginosa, escherichia coli, salmonella abony and stops associated  diseases.

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  • effective drainage

    DRAIGRAB 0996

    Use DRAIGRAB 0996 to mitigate the odors of commercial/residential trash such as rotten vegetables and food leftovers found in dumpsters, dustbins, and garbage handling vehicles. This product is ideal for hospitals, national highways, cities, village roads, etc.

    HOW TO USE : To remove excessive foul smell from drainage, garbage cans, or any other rotten waste containers, you can dilute 50ml Draigrab 0996 in 1ltr of water to effectively mitigate the excessive foul smell. This Product comes with a nozzle Spray Pump. After using this product, bad odor will not be a problem in your place, in your building & home, etc.

    NOTE: Use this product after unloading trash every time for best result.
    Kills all kinds of clostridium bacteria like S. aureus, p aeruginosa, escherichia coli, salmonella abony and stops associated diseases.

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  • DRAIGRAB 0996

    DRAIGRAB 0996 Drainage, Garbage & Any Bad Smell Remover


    We’ve all experienced the stench of clogged drains and garbage disposals. Getting rid of foul garbage odors, rather than hiding them, has always been a difficulty, whether it’s due to food, grease, bacteria, or other causes.

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  • Farmexo 3114



    FARMEXO 3116 contains major & Secondary micronutrients which are vital for plant growth and development. This product is eco-friendly, easy to use, and requires no additional training for application.

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  • FOG MASSEY 0817

    FOG MASSEY 0817 For Use Mosquito Control


    Fog Massey effectively repels mosquitoes in residential areas, corporate offices, or any other humid areas. The tried and proven formulation protects against other insects and prevents again deadly diseases such as Malaria, Chikungunya, Dengue, and more.

    NOTE:- Use for only electric fogging machine& ULV fogging machine.

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  • Sale!

    FUNGAL 0493 Fungal Bacteria Killer


    Fungal 0493 is a kind of product that can help protect crops or plants from fungal infection. It can naturally preserve plants and protect them from getting infected by fungi. It can be used for the prevention or control of possible diseases in agriculture. This product is useful in various fields.

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  • HUMITECH 1119

    HUMITECH 1119 Human (Dead Body) & Bio Medical Waste Odor Disposer


    This product is ideal for the government health department, national highway and city road, village, and residential use for a human dead body. Also, in catastrophic times when such scenarios are common this product can be used effectively. This product absorbs any lingering odor even after the source of the odor has been removed. After using this product, the foul smell won’t be an issue at your farm, in your building & home, etc.

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    ODOR TERMINATOR 1120 Animal Dead Body Odor Disposer


    Use it on animal dead bodies like dogs, cows, buffaloes, rodents, birds, and other animal dead bodies in forests, rural or urban areas. If an excessive foul smell is coming from the animal’s dead body then use ODOR TERMINATOR 1120 without dilution. It will clear 99.9% of bacteria and germs from the area. This product is perfect for veterinary hospitals, national highways, or city & village roads where animal dead bodies are frequently observed. Additionally, applying this liquid to any animal suffering from skin diseases can curb the infection.

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  • Sale! REPELLENTO 1092

    REPELLENTO 1092 Repellent For Dog & Cat


    You can use REPELLENTO 1092 in any place, outside the house, or in the front yard or backyard if dogs and cats frequently visit your property and make a ruckus. By using this product, you can repel animals from your farm-thereby saving your crops/plantation, in your building factory, or corporate office you can repel dogs/cats from causing litter or any damage.

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  • REPELLENTO 1092 Repellent For Nilgai & Pig


    You can use REPELLENTO 1092 anywhere, outside the house, or in the front yard or backyard if dogs and cats frequently visit your property and make a ruckus. After using REPELLENTO 1092, animals such as Nilgai, dogs, pigs, or cats will not enter your property or farm.

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  • Repellento 4793: Revealing Snake Repellent

    REPELLENTO 4793 Repellent For Snake, Snail & Rodent


    If rodents are destroying your crop, or snakes are frequently observed on your premises or farm, this product is the way to go! Snake bites can be deadly and if you encounter them now and then in your place, it calls for action. Whether you live on a farm, in a residential area, or an industrial township, this product will give you effective results.

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