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FUNGAL 0493 Fungal Bacteria Killer


Fungal 0493 is a kind of product that can help protect crops or plants from fungal infection. It can naturally preserve plants and protect them from getting infected by fungi. It can be used for the prevention or control of possible diseases in agriculture. This product is useful in various fields.

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The use of Fungal Cleaners Can Control the Fungus Caused by Using Fungal Cleaners in Residential, Corporate Office for Removing Fungus or Any Type of Humid Environment. The Fungal Cleaners Can Protect against Insect Pests in Humid Environments and Prevent Minor or Major Diseases. If there is fungus on the top or Side Parts of any Wall or Tiles, Itching Occurs And Spread From One Room to Another and From One Building to another. It Can Use Surface and Wooden Surface.


This product can be used in many areas. If there is fungus on the top or side parts of any wall or tiles, itching occurs and spreads from one room to another and from one building to another and so on! This can be really irritating and can infect your loved ones, friends, and neighbors. But, worry not! You can use a fungal cleaner to prevent this from happening. You can use this for agricultural purposes, for Eg: On a plant that’s infected by fungus. Moreover, you can use this on TOILET SEATS while traveling to disinfect the toilet seat, thereby preventing any disease. Plus, it can effectively mitigate fungal spread in construction sites (walls and ceilings).



Shake well and spray the product through the nozzle in the required areas. Spray this product in small intervals or long intervals, depending upon the magnitude of the fungus spread. It can be used on wall surfaces & wooden surfaces to effectively mitigate fungal & bacterial spread.

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150 ML ( spray pump ), 500 ML, 1 LITRE, 6.5 LTR


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