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  • Farmexo 3114



    FARMEXO 3116 contains major & Secondary micronutrients which are vital for plant growth and development. This product is eco-friendly, easy to use, and requires no additional training for application.

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    FUNGAL 0493 Fungal Bacteria Killer


    Fungal 0493 is a kind of product that can help protect crops or plants from fungal infection. It can naturally preserve plants and protect them from getting infected by fungi. It can be used for the prevention or control of possible diseases in agriculture. This product is useful in various fields.

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  • REPELLENTO 1092 Repellent For Nilgai & Pig


    You can use REPELLENTO 1092 anywhere, outside the house, or in the front yard or backyard if dogs and cats frequently visit your property and make a ruckus. After using REPELLENTO 1092, animals such as Nilgai, dogs, pigs, or cats will not enter your property or farm.

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  • Repellento 4793: Revealing Snake Repellent

    REPELLENTO 4793 Repellent For Snake, Snail & Rodent


    If rodents are destroying your crop, or snakes are frequently observed on your premises or farm, this product is the way to go! Snake bites can be deadly and if you encounter them now and then in your place, it calls for action. Whether you live on a farm, in a residential area, or an industrial township, this product will give you effective results.

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  • skinexo 1605

    SKINEXO 1605 Animal Skin Protector


    In animals particularly, any skin infection has a high chance of infection among other animals, it can become disturbing and needs immediate attention. The SKINEXO 1605 was formulated to curb infections that are caused by viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

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