Skinexo 1605

SKINEXO 1605: Your Shield Against Lumpy Skin Disease and Glanders

Defending Animal Health: SKINEXO 1605 Against Lumpy Skin Disease and Glanders


  • In the realm of animal health, certain diseases pose significant threats, both to the animals themselves and to those who care for them. Lumpy Skin Disease and Glanders are two such diseases that can have devastating effects if left unchecked. Understanding the nature of these diseases is crucial in developing effective strategies for prevention and control.

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Lumpy Skin Disease:

  • Lumpy Skin Disease is a viral infection that primarily affects cattle. It is characterized by fever, nodules on the skin, and general discomfort in the affected animals. The disease is highly contagious and can spread rapidly within cattle populations. Outbreaks of Lumpy Skin Disease have been reported in various parts of the world, causing significant economic losses to farmers and animal owners.

Glanders Disease:

  • Glanders is caused by the bacterium Burkholderia mallei and primarily affects horses, donkeys, and mules. The disease can manifest in two forms: nasal and cutaneous. The nasal form is characterized by nasal discharge, fever, and respiratory symptoms, while the cutaneous form presents with nodules and ulcerations on the skin. Glanders can also affect humans, making it a zoonotic disease of significant concern.

Impact on Animal Health:

  • Both Lumpy Skin Disease and Glanders can have severe consequences for animal health. In addition to the physical discomfort caused by the diseases themselves, they can also lead to secondary infections and other complications. In severe cases, both diseases can be fatal, especially if left untreated.

The Importance of Effective Disease Control:

  • Effective control of diseases like Lumpy Skin Disease and Glanders is crucial for maintaining animal health and welfare. By using products like SKINEXO 1605, we can protect our animals from these debilitating diseases and ensure their long-term health and productivity.


  • SKINEXO 1605 offers 100% control over Lumpy Skin Disease, providing a ray of hope for animals and their caregivers. SKINEXO 1605 offers a comprehensive solution for the control and prevention of Lumpy Skin Disease and Glanders. Its unique formulation is designed to target the viruses, bacteria, and fungi that cause these diseases, providing effective protection for animals. The product is easy to apply and safe for animals, making it an ideal choice for veterinarians and animal caretakers.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Comprehensive Protection: SKINEXO 1605 offers protection against a range of skin infections caused by viruses, bacteria, and fungi.
  2. Effective Coating: Achieve a 99.99% effective coating, neutralizing foul odors and preventing skin infections.
  3. Easy Application: Simply direct the nozzle/spray pump towards the skin and spray. Mix as directed for optimal results.
  4. Safe and Non-irritating: Does not irritate animals’ eyes or skin upon application.

Ahmedabad Government’s Approach:

  • Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the Ahmedabad Government took proactive measures to control the spread of Lumpy Skin Disease. They turned to SKINEXO 1605, a product known for its effectiveness in controlling skin diseases in animals.

The Results:

  • The results were nothing short of remarkable. By using SKINEXO 1605, the Ahmedabad Government was able to achieve 100% control of Lumpy Skin Disease in their cattle populations. This success not only saved the lives of countless animals but also prevented the spread of the disease to other herds.

Testimonial from the Ahmedabad Government:

  • “We are delighted with the results we have achieved with SKINEXO 1605. By using this product, we were able to control Lumpy Skin Disease in our cattle populations effectively. We highly recommend SKINEXO 1605 to other governments and farmers facing similar challenges.” – Ahmedabad Government Official


  • In conclusion, Lumpy Skin Disease and Glanders are serious threats to animal health and welfare. By understanding the nature of these diseases and implementing appropriate control measures, we can help protect animals from these devastating illnesses. Products like SKINEXO 1605 play a crucial role in this effort, offering effective and safe solutions for the prevention and control of these diseases.