Air Freshener Manufacturer in India

Air Freshener Manufacturer in India

Air Freshener Manufacturer in India- Clearzone

Air Freshener Manufacturer in India- Clearzone is the Best Air Freshener Manufacturer in India. We Manufacture & Supply Air Fresheners based on Car Fresheners & Room Air Fresheners. These are used to maintain long-lasting, pleasant odour in the space. We are Air Freshener Manufacturer in India, located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat & supply our car Fresheners & Room Air Fresheners across PAN India. Though we have our own Manufacturing, we can also fulfil your Bulk orders for the products available at our website . One of the most Hot Selling products of our company from Freshener Range is:  .

Air Freshener Manufacturer in India
Air Freshener Manufacturer in India

How does Air Freshener work?

This product totally eliminates the source of Foul Smell & does not only cover the bad smell for a short time. The pack of COFEST 9507 is available in 150ml, 1Ltr, and 6.5 Ltr. 

Use: Use COFEST 9507 in small and large cars, heavy goods vehicles, passenger cars (hatchback, sedan, suv) etc. If your room smells unpleasant, spray it and close the door for an hour and come back to an odourless and pleasant room. Shake well and use it on the top or side parts of your interior seats, dashboard, and trunk lead room area etc. 


Air fresheners in the car:

  • Hang a small air freshener from your rearview mirror to keep your car smelling nice and avoid letting those bothersome scents from fast food drive-thrus cling to your interior.
  • Anyone who spends a lot of time in their automobile needs to have automotive air fresheners. They assist in getting rid of any unpleasant odours and maintain the freshness of the air inside your automobile. You can select the air freshener that best meets your demands from the many varieties that are offered on the market.
  • The majority of air fresheners for cars are spray-based. Spray air fresheners can be sprayed into the air or directly onto materials.
  • Air fresheners not only make your car’s interior smell better, but they also help get rid of smoke odours from carpets and upholstery. All you have to do is spray the problem area, allow it to dry completely, and then vacuum it up. To get rid of musty odours in storage spaces like closets or garages, you can also use air fresheners.

Air Fresheners in the Room:

Air fresheners are not just for making your home smell nice. There are many different ways that you can use them to improve your quality of life. Here are some of the different benefits for air fresheners.

  • Aids in eliminating unpleasant odors: Air fresheners can assist cover up and improve the fragrance of an offensively scented room.
  • Increases your level of relaxation: Using an air freshener with a tranquil aroma might help you unwind after a demanding day. Certain scents are particularly calming.
  • Enhances your mood: A lot of people discover that specific smells can make them feel happier. Try using an air freshener with an uplifting aroma if you’re feeling down to see if it helps lift your spirits.
  • Fights fatigue: Certain smells might help lift your spirits and give you a little extra energy if you’re feeling down. 

Try using an air freshener scent to wake yourself up when you’re feeling sluggish.

Contact Information

Company Name- Clearzone

Address- K- 3- 4, Mahavir Nagar Complex, Shyamal Cross Road, opp. Amul Garden, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Pin- 380 015

Contact Number: +91 816 003 50 23, +91 982 418 73 94, +91 79 267 41 981



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